Healthcare Market Research

At Origins, we go beyond uncovering interesting information and focus on delivering actionable insights across the product lifecycle

Get a new perspective on your audience – discover how we can help.

As a leading healthcare market research company, we have a passion for understanding how people interact with their health, their healthcare team, and their treatment. We understand the challenges healthcare providers face, which is why we work with them to uncover new and actionable medical insights through our award-winning healthcare market research.

We do this by working with your most valuable research tool – your patients. Our patient market research aims to give our audiences a voice – to uncover health experiences and deliver multi-country audience insights, using our novel methodologies.


People are commonly viewed as patients in the context of their treatment journey BUT people look at treatment in the context of their life. Our passion is in recognising and addressing this difference

Asking the right questions…
We are experts in qualitative analysis and use a full range of methodologies to meet your research needs:

  • Benchmarking
  • Focus Groups
  • Panels
  • Ethnographic Research [LINK: discover more]
  • Direct Interview

Facilitating the response…
Using a toolbox of techniques to optimise participation.

Rigorous Analysis…
Thematic analysis is conducted in-house by our experienced Senior Research Directors.

Our promise is to distil, not dilute.