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We believe that deep patient insights are fundamental for long-term success in drug development and can be gained and have impact at any stage of the clinical development journey.

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Our patient-focused research adds value across the product lifecycle

Capturing insights to answer questions throughout the product lifecycle

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Examples of where our work has redefined success:


How our insights-driven solutions enabled a brand to differentiate itself in a price-sensitive market

CLIENT:  Top 20 biotech company
INDICATION:  Ophthalmology


The client needed to understand how they could differentiate their brand from competitors at launch, in a price-sensitive marketplace.

They commissioned qualitative research to understand the unmet needs that exist, in order to generate ideas for innovative solutions.


An audit of the marketplace was conducted to identify services that currently exist.

Qualitative research was then conducted in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, with treating physicians, payers and patients, to understand their unmet needs.

The process involved:

  • Competitor online landscaping
  • Social media listening
  • Individual qualitative interviews

A strategy was developed that enabled the client to differentiate the brand in a way that truly met their customer’s needs. This included:

  • Service redesign
  • Personalised full-service solution
  • Incremental improvements in the current treatment process


How our proven data immersion process revealed undiscovered patient personas and identified a potential clinical trial population

CLIENT:  Top 20 pharmaceutical company
INDICATION:  Rare disease


The treatment landscape is due to change considerably in the future, with both the client and their competitors launching new therapies.

The client wanted to understand how they can better define patients and their treatment needs, to identify how to maintain market share of their existing product, and to inform the clinical trial population for their new treatment.


Origins’ data immersion process was utilised to maximise use of existing knowledge and data that exists in the marketplace; this involved:

  • Audit of previous research findings commissioned by the client

  • Strategic competitor trial population research


Patient personas were created to show how patients’ treatment needs differ and how well potential new therapies may meet those needs in the future.

The personas were used to identify the potential clinical trial population for our client’s pipeline treatment.


How our POP methodology resulted in better patient and HCP communication in Haematology

CLIENT:  Top 20 pharmaceutical company
INDICATION:  Blood cancer


The client suspected that low sales of their brand could be attributed to misconceptions by treating physicians and nurses about patients’ preferences and drivers for treatment.

They commissioned qualitative research to explore how patients can be empowered to discuss their preferences with HCPs, and to determine how to encourage HCPs to acknowledge this disconnect.


Physician observed patient focus groups (POP groups) were conducted in the UK with treating physicians, nurses and patients.

This was supplemented with additional in-home interviews with patients.


The methodology enabled HCPs to acknowledge the disconnects that exist and changes that are required in communication. Working with the client, these HCPs led a programme of activities that were rolled out across the UK.