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The Origins Insights team always like to share their observations, thoughts and experiences to aid learning and knowledge dissemination. This section is dedicated to that cause.

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Understanding the authentic patient experience can redefine the success of your clinical trial before you design it

This month’s edition of PME features a number of articles and opinion pieces on diversity and inclusion in clinical trials. Our Director, Su Smith was interviewed as part of a featured article by Danny Buckland examining the changing tides in clinical trials. Danny...

World Sickle Cell Day – Saturday 19th June

Saturday 19 June is World Sickle Cell Day – it is an opportunity to raise awareness of Sickle cell disease and celebrate all those who live with the condition or are working to support those living with it. What is Sickle Cell Disease? Sickle cell disease refers to a...

Origins Insights (part of Resonant Group) nominated for two EVCOM Clarion Awards

Origins Insights are excited that our ‘What One Thing…?’ short film for Rare Disease Day 2021, made in collaboration with Inspired Films, shortlisted for the 2021 EVCOM Clarion Awards. These prestigious awards celebrate creativity and true excellence across...

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Origins Insights – thoughts to inspire

Launching a video series where members of the Origins team share experiences and opinions on patient insights projects

Why watch?

Introducing a series of videos to be released over coming weeks and months that share some of the team’s experience, values and opinions. We focus on what, in our eyes, makes great qualitative research and how patient insights can add significant value to multiple programme types

Videos in this series

David Youds, Founder and CEO of Bedrock Group, sitting down on a sofa

What is your vision for patient focus?

Coming soon…

What value can we add to drug development?

By David Youds, CEO

What does Origins LIVE methodology give you, that can’t be achieved with more traditional market research approaches?

By Debbie Waterhouse

How can LIVE improve access to medicines?

By David Youds, CEO

Ethnography delivers authentic insights

Ethnography delivers authentic insights – a haemophilia anecdote

by Su Smith

What is remote data capture in qualitative market research?

By Stacey

Remote Data Capture

What happens to the video insights recordings?

By Stacey

Authentic, powerful Insights

By Debbie Waterhouse

David Youds, Founder and CEO of Bedrock Group, sitting on a sofa smiling

Do we really understand patients?

By David Youds, CEO

Patient research – what are we doing that’s different?

By David Youds, CEO

The value of ethnography

By Su Smith, Director

Jermey Sayers, Behavioural Research

Behavioural research, what’s that all about?

Coming soon…

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