Award-winning Ethnography in Healthcare

Our passion for understanding the authentic patient experience and uncovering actionable patients focused intelligence is epitomised by our award-winning remote digital ethnography methodology LIVE (Lives Investigated by Video Ethnography)

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

From To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Our ethnographic research is powered by LIVE, Origins’ signature programme and through experience, we have built a solid reputation for delivering deep qualitative insights, allowing our clients to understand their patient audiences on a level unachieved previously.

Get a new perspective on your audience – discover how we can help.

Personal insights into how people manage and live with their illness remain vitally important and yet elusive. We use novel, immersive research methodologies that review the authentic patient experience.

LIVE combines clinical collaboration, individual patient perspectives and expert interpretation to provide unmatched insight and intelligence into the lives of patients, their journeys and their disease management experiences. LIVE is much more than a video diary; it’s a unique approach to patient experience that ultimately transforms your thinking and redefines success.

Our suite of ethnographic approaches allows access to different levels of insight

“HaemophiliaLIVE was the first ethnographic study in the world to investigate the lives of haemophiliacs. Sixteen families across the UK took part in the programme with participants ranging in age from young children to middle-aged men.

They all gave frank and open testimony about living with haemophilia today; for some this included the impact of blood borne viruses on them and their family as well as the impact of poor joint health related to limited access to treatment as a child.

These insights have been shared at several international haemophilia meetings; without fail they cause healthcare professionals to stop and think about the impact beyond which we are normally aware. Pain, mobility, fear of the future – particularly for ageing men around orthopaedic surgery and elderly care were key insights elicited by Haemophilia LIVE.

The participants all commented how glad they felt that their stories were being heard and that they were able to make an impact on haemophilia care in the future.”

Consultant nurse, Haemophilia

At Origins, we excel at understanding the authentic patient experience and uncovering actionable patient-focused intelligence throughout the product lifecycle to give our clients the competitive edge.

Immersive, Emotive, Transformative

Our methodology brings so much value to not only our clients but patients too…

“The deliverables exceeded expectations, but so did the process. Not only has this collaboration enabled us to identify some very meaningful unmet needs amongst our service users but also a structure around how to understand the subtleties of these and an indication of how to meet them better”

Dr Morwenna Opie-Moran

Trustee, PoTS UK

PoTS LIVE: A unique ethnography study in rare disease

2020 was a challenging year but all of our remote digital ethnography projects carried on regardless.  One unique healthcare market research project investigated the impact of living with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS) a rare condition that affects mainly young women. Click here to find out more about the insights uncovered and how they have been used